Monday, August 18, 2008

Kobe Bryant - He's OK 

Last week an interview of Kobe Bryant by Chris Collingsworth caught my attention. It was well worth the nine minutes of viewing. I understand basketball since we follow the women's team at the University of Minnesota. I am not a fan of professional basketball so all I "know" about the game is what I hear via media and it's not much. I do remember the weak performance by the American Olympic team in 2004. Looks like egos got in the way of common sense.

This first interview with Kobe Bryant was terrific. Kobe particularly addresses the attitude on this years Olympic basketball team, coached by Mike Krzyzewski from Duke University. They are the "redeem" team, out to get back what Kobe (and many others) believe should have been America's in 2004. Kobe holds back nothing. The team is focused on defense and the team - a credit to Krzyzewski. Kobe also is proud of America, our troops and thinks it's cool to feel that way. Collingsworth's most snarly comment is in response to "cool" - does Kobe really think at this time it's ok to be cool about America? Kobe replies with a calm but definite "yes."

Now there is a second interview with Kobe - about meeting our phenomenal American swimming champion, Michael Phelps. Kobe and the interviewer discussed gold medals, Kobe said he'd like one and was shown cheering Phelps in the last relay race.

This is what it's about - cheering on others, being proud of a nation that does good in the world, doing one's best because one has the opportunity to do one's best.

I'll be a Kobe fan from here on out. Thank goodness there still are people who are famous, have a tremendous skill, are articulate (Kobe is also fluent in Spanish), and have the confidence to be proud of our nation - we do much good and it's time our media start sharing the good we do.

HT: Powerline, Hot Air

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