Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grabbing the Bobo vote 

Mitch says we need to pander to him to get his endorsement for MOB Mayor. I don't think I can afford his breakfast tab on Saturdays, and he has only his vote to give -- he's banned everyone else but Flash from his blog. So we would like his support but need to focus on those whose support we can use to push us over the top.

Thus we turn to the chimp. We have not yet gotten Bobo's support, but we have asked his brother Yoyo to help us out here.
We have already awarded Yoyo the bachelor's degree, thus his tassel, and made him Director of Recreation in our new Administraiaiaiaiaiation. We expect that Bobo will withdraw from the race and join Yoyo and me on the ChimpEconomistBushIsBobo Ticket. Atomizer does martinis; we do daiquiris, name your flavor. Yoyo, naturally, likes banana. And he gives generous pours.

Voted yet? Once a day, here. Borrow your friend's computer while they're grabbing coffee and vote again.

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