Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Random question 

Is there a law that says when the temperature in any part of the old Confederacy gets below 35 degrees that all transportation ceases to function? It is clear but cold at Atlanta right now, and I have sat at the gate for my plane, scheduled for 10:24 departure, since 9:30. It is now 11:45. The plane is just now leaving Mobile (they say.) What? Did the plane just get cold in its bones and have the rumatizz (rheumatism -- alternate spelling for Beverly Hillbillies fans) flare up?

Climate change happens, people. Learn to deal with it. A $7 meal voucher in an airport with a $5 hamburger isn't dealing with it.

Meanwhile, Delta is now sending Northwest down the memory hole to "unlock more merger benefits." I miss you, Northwest. Never thought I'd say this, but I miss you.

UPDATE: One way to stop complaints: co-opt your competition. Run away Japan! Run away!