Saturday, January 16, 2010

A note from Haiti 

A note this PM from one of my alumni who knows a family there.
Some friends of my family, the Williams', have been working with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Haiti for the past 20ish years. They are affiliated with a school that is engaged in the relief effort that is accepting paypal donations:

Everyone except Mark, the father/husband in this family, is currently safe state side. The two younger boys left for college a week or so ago. Here's something Glee, the mom/wife, said in her facebook status yesterday morning: We just had another large, rumbling aftershock that sent us out into the streets again. Then we heard singing from the ravine, in Creole tranlated, On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand. The Haitian people are amazing!
Glee notes separately, when we asked permission to post this, that she and the children have left because to stay would drain very scarce food resources. "Pray the gas holds out for transportation," she concludes. The school's website says they have converted themselves into an orphanage and temporary hospital; there are people camping on the soccer field.

I couldn't find the song in Creole, but here is the song those Haitians were singing at the bottom; I'll be asking the band I sing with to do this song soon. There was a wonderful caller -- "Paul in Alabama" -- on Dennis Miller's show this week, where Dennis was wondering that most basic of questions, how can a loving God permit such pain in the world. He had referred to it as an "act of God" and the caller gave a mild correction (paraphrasing; if you are a Dennis Miller Zone member, it's the Thursday call of the day.): "An earthquake is not an act of God. It is an act of nature. The act of God is what we do about the earthquake and the suffering."

What are you called to do?

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