Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 

To Our Readers,

Thank you for your interest, comments and support during 2009. It was quite the year.

May the US continue to lead and prosper. For all our internal squabbling, this is the only nation in which I wish to live. We have our faults but if one were to dig below the surface of other nations, cultures, history, etc. one would discover that what makes us different is most of us are willing to learn, correct mistakes and move forward.

We remain the one place where drive, effort, work and taking risk can result in success across the board: emotional, social, physical and mental. One's "tribe" does not restrict one's opportunities. We need to remember this. Ingenuity, guts and freedom have produced a fantastic culture and the entire planet benefits.

Best wishes in all aspects of your life for 2010.