Sunday, December 20, 2009

Children of Deployed Soldiers 

This Sunday's article in Parade Magazine discusses the fact that children of deployed soldiers are in danger and suffer higher levels of emotional stress than their peers. I agree wholeheartedly with Executive Director of the National Military Family Association, Joyce Raezer, that the Department of Defense may need to do more for these kids but I also have a few other points to make:

1 - Too many of these kids have teachers who are against the war - their anti-war mantra has to affect these kids. Instead of putting down the USA, the military, and related groups, these teachers should be thanking these kids, their families and their military parents for the sacrifices, bravery and heroism displayed by the vast majority of our military, the real protectors of freedom.

2 - Perhaps if the mainstream media, Hollywood and so much of the rest of the "entertainment" industry covered and were supportive of the heroic efforts our soldiers show, these kids would have better scores.

Remember, there are over 200 of us, non-soldiers, enjoying our lattes, free education, shopping, freedom of choice because we have a couple of million people willing to serve our nation part time or full time. These people are the real heroes - and their kids deserve all the support we can give them.

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