Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another parable 

As told by Mike Munger:
Suppose I go to a baseball game, with my teen-age son. I've just been to the bank, and the smallest bill I have is a $100.

I send my son up to get two hot dogs, some peanuts, and two diet sodas. I know that costs maybe $18.

He comes back with the stuff and sits down. I ask him for the change. He looks at me like I'm crazy. "That money is going to be spent on other things! That's leftover money!"

What would I do? I'd grab him by the belt, and shake the money out of his pockets! That's my money! I want my change back. I WANT MY CHANGE BACK!
Haven't I seen that on a bumper sticker lately? The Dems reportedly are looking for $70 billion out of a plan Treasury Secretary Geithner says spent $42 billion out of a $700 billion dollar bill. Some people who want the change back.