Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For those of you scoring at home 

The "Blue Dog" Democrats, 44 'fiscally conservative' congresspersons, did not acquit themselves well in this year, says the Heritage Foundation, via Stephen Moore:
On three votes that would massively expand the size of government -- the stimulus plan, cap and trade, and health care reform -- Blue Dogs mostly were AWOL. "Of the 52 House Blue Dogs, only four voted against all three," says Mr. Franc. Sixteen voted for two of the three, and 17 voted for all three.
The four who voted against all three? Bobby Bright and Parker Griffith of Alabama, Walt Minnick of Idaho and Gene Taylor of Mississippi. Rep. Collin Peterson of MN voted for cap-and-trade but did vote against the stimulus and the health care bills.

These are the ones Heritage identifies who supported Obama on all three bills: Leonard Boswell of Iowa, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, Baron Hill of Indiana, Dennis Moore of Kansas, Patrick Murphy of Pennsylvania and Zack Space of Ohio. It's interesting that of this list of Democrats being supported by K Street that Gary pointed to last week, only Boswell is getting a thank-you note from AFSCME and health care reform advocates. (There are two other blue dogs on their list, but those did not vote 3-for-3.) Are the others all bark and no bite?