Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Let Freedom Ring is five. Here's a comparison. When the internet first started its biggest use to me was for fantasy baseball. I've played with dozens of other enthusiasts since 1992, and a few of them have stuck as friends afterwards. I can count those on one hand. I stopped playing for one year in 2008, but went back to the one league where I knew and liked a couple of guys last year. My team was terrible, but it was nice to see them again.

I started blogging a little more than seven years ago. In that time I have befriended countless people, many of whom are now family friends. Few friendships have as high a place in my life as these, particularly those with NARN and with St. Cloud blogger Gary. Our homes are less than two miles apart yet it took the world wide web for us to meet.

Were it not for my blogging I wouldn't be in NARN, and were it not for LFR Gary and I would not have met; my life would be poorer without those friendships. It's one of many gifts this place gives you.

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