Friday, October 23, 2009

Two definitions 

Corporatism is a system of economic, political, and social organization where corporate groups such as business, ethnic, farmer, labour, military, patronage, or religious groups are joined together into a single governing body in which the different groups are mandated to negotiate with each other to establish policies in the interest of the multiple groups within the body.
That's governance, Chicago style. The head of government is friends with the heads of every big business, lobby and union, and together they make decisions on how everyone else will live. Those on the inside get what they want. Those on the outside -- well, they get what the big guys want them to have. That's life in the big city. ...

[I]t appears to be the way that Barack Obama, who once aspired to be mayor of Chicago, has decided to run his administration.
My previous observations on corporatist Obama here, here and here. The bashing of businessmen is just a discipline to get them back to the bargaining table. Deciding pay is part of it. (Union leaders beware, because yours isn't far behind. Obama will need your hides for his re-election campaign.)

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