Monday, October 12, 2009

Global Warming - NOT 

More on global warming. As you can see by my post here, the topic is HOT. But we in MN woke up this morning to 1"+ of snow on the ground. It continues to snow and shows no sign of stopping.

According to this article by the BBC (of all media), CO2 is up but temperatures are down. Just maybe, something bigger than humans is causing this problem???? Like oceans, sunspots, sun in general, etc. Why do some humans think they are so smart as to be able to predict much of anything? (Stock market anyone?)

I'm reminded of an old TV commercial when oleo was competing with real butter - the line made famous by a woman standing in a forest was, "Don't fool with Mother Nature."

Humans would prove themselves much more wise if they stopped trying to control and learned to adapt.