Thursday, October 08, 2009

Obama's Foreign Policy ABCs: Apologize, Betray, Cave 

We have had the epitome of a baby boomer president in office for less than nine months. During this period, we have watched the supposed leader of the free world apologize to anyone who will listen for just about anything and ignoring the good we do.

We have watched him betray freedom loving people across the planet
- Israel is the only truly functioning democracy in the Middle East, yet Obama and his naive sycophants totally ignore the atrocities committed by the Palestinians and demand that Israel stop protecting itself and refrain from providing housing for its people.
- Honduras legally elects a new president but Obama and his State Department do everything they can to protect a thug who was determined by Honduras Courts to be out of office.
- Turns out Obama knew about the release of the so-called "on death's row" perpetrator of the Lockerbie plane crash. 270 people murdered by a thug, who gets released to go home to honor and glory under another dictator, Omar Khadafi? What about all that leftist sympathy for victims? Or, don't they matter - the victims of the Lockerbie murderer are gone so the feelings of their relatives don't count?
- Iran has its freedom fighters dying in prison, women getting raped, the population taking to the street and the supposed leader of the free world simply ignores them.
We have watched him cave to special interest groups, thugs and dictators so quickly it is mind boggling. See betrayals listed above and add the following:
- Korea
- Russia demands the USA not install its missile shield in Poland or Czechoslo- vakia and Obama says, "OK" and by the way, we don't want anything in return.
- United Auto Workers union doesn't want tires manufactured in China to be sold in the US so Obama and his cronies impose a tariff.
The result will be a world without a strong, decent leader and a world that, if Obama continues, will become rapidly unsafe for billions of people. Either he is the most naive president we've ever had or his narcissism knows no bounds.