Friday, September 04, 2009

Mrs. S writes 

This month she wanders into the debate about where the war protestors have gone. In St. Cloud they've become health care protestors.
No one seems to be protesting war anymore, so I became curious. Was this because of the differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, the handling of each war�s goals and objectives, or the change in presidential administrations?

Remember, these people are not marching even though Obama this spring committed 21,000 troops to fight an invigorated Taliban; a report due soon may seek more. Meanwhile, the 45 U.S. casualties in August were the highest in the war�s eight years.

But on that corner Saturday health care overshadowed war.

Pax Christi and Alternatives for War marched in support of health care reform. Some other groups represented were Isaiah/GRIP and Service Employees International Union. Signs such as �Honk For a Public Option,� �Healthcare is a Human Right� or �Medicare is Socialized Medicine� evoked approval.
Read the whole thing, which tells you how at least these local groups justify their change in stance. Unions and anti-war protestors: is there anything wrong with this picture?

Meanwhile Cindy Sheehan keeps a lonely vigil...

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