Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Final Word last week 

We talked mostly about individual mandates for health care, and a bit about the vilification of the opposition, particularly by Speaker Pelosi. Hour headers are the links to the podcast, and for Tommy's Playlist below we'll go with Chevelle this week, which caught me by pleasant surprise. (I've also linked the video for Mr. Brightside so I can play it while away. I recently discovered the Killers and think they are awesome.)

We'll have surprise guest hosts for you this week on NARN. Follow Mitch and Ed, John and Brian for details. I'll be overseas for the rest of this week and most of next. More on this later.

1st hour

out: Sparklehorse, Sad And Beautiful World
in: U2, Elevation

out:Better Than Ezra, Pull
in: Chevelle, Sleep Apnea

out: Gomez, How we Operate
in: Coldplay, Voilet Hill

out: Radiohead, Paranoid Android

2nd hr

out: Foo Fighters, Long Road To Ruin
in: Muse, Super Massive Blackhole

out: Arctic Monkeys, Brainstorm
in: Audioslave, Cochise

out: Killers, Mr Brightside
in: Soundgarden, Spoonman

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