Thursday, August 27, 2009

Job description 

In today's Best of the Web, James Taranto discusses an op-ed in the Boston Globe. The op-ed reads:
Once we acknowledge that government is here to stay--a proposition to which George W. Bush and Karl Rove were as committed in the last presidency as [President] Obama and Nancy Pelosi are in this one--the only question is whether government will be allowed to do its job well. Liberals, none more so than Teddy Kennedy, believe it should be.
to which Taranto notes an interesting taxonomy:

So there are two kinds of people in the world, those who "acknowledge that government is here to stay" and those who don't. As the former category is capacious enough to include George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Karl Rove, we can pretty much write off the nonacknowledgers as irrelevant--if, indeed, they exist at all.

The acknowledgers, in turn, are divided into two subgroups liberals, who believe government should "be allowed to do its job well," and nonliberals, who do not.

Doesn't this presuppose we know what the job of government is? Does the op-ed writer have any understanding of the differences we have over this?