Monday, August 03, 2009

Health Care, Ellison, Town Hall Meeting 

On very short notice, Representative Keith Ellison (D) of Mpls., called a town hall meeting to hear people's opinions on the monstrous health care bill the DC Democrats want to pass. I've written about the this absurdity as have others across the Internet.

Late Friday, I distributed notice of Ellison's meeting. Even with short notice, the meeting was packed. Net, as you will see in this video, sent to me by a friend and attended by some from our 2nd Congressional District, people are not in favor of this program. To Mr. Ellison's credit, he did let constituents talk but this clip shows the concerns that people have with this program.

Please view it yourself. You can go here to understand the Top Ten reasons you do NOT want the government to take over YOUR health treatment decisions.

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