Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Didn't you already summit? 

Governor Pawlenty, in response to the DFL's request for extra time via a leadership summit, sends a letter to Sen. Pogemiller and Speaker Anderson Kelliher. I received a copy, and this is in full:
Thank your for your recent letter regarding plans for a "Minnesota Leadership Summit" in early September.

My Administration and I are declining to participate in your summit. As we have witnessed over the past year, DFL legislators have done a thorough job of admiring our state's budget difficulties, but have refused or been unable to take action to address them.

The state already has an annual "Minnesota Leadership Summit." It's called the legislative session and it lasts approximately five months. This past year, rather than taking timely and decisive action to deal with our budget deficit, the Legislature's DFL leadership wasted the first few months of the session. Passage of your final budget bills in the last few minutes before midnight on the final day of the session was indicative of how you managed the situation.

Rather than calling together former legislators and governors to rehash already established concerns, the Legislature's time would be better spent coming up with reasonable solutions, negotiating with my Administration and having them signed into law.
The DFL could not have expected their invitation to be taken, so they will now use this letter to show how he's still Governor Go-It-Alone. But was that worth it to give Pawlenty another opportunity to highlight the legislative session's failure?

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