Thursday, July 09, 2009

Time out in Armenia 

We have finished the conference, and now I have a short time to pack before heading back to the airport. There is a Swedish soccer club in the hotel, and seeing all of them kind of makes me feel like I'm still in Minnesota, and it makes me a bit homesick (which is weird, because I love being in Armenia very much.) At any rate, I may post something more after this, but after about 3pm Minnesota time you won't hear from me again this week. When I get home, Mrs. S and I celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: At the airport, and the soccer team is here. I now realize what else was odd about this. I don't think I'd ever seen Africans in Armenia before. This team must be a youth team. I think we have parents with some of them.

Also got to see the archaeological site at Dvin -- Armenia's medieval capital -- last night on a chance run-in with some people I know. So packing was fast and sleeping was none. Someone else took the pictures, so I will have to wait for her to send them to me.