Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obamas, Again - Ok for me (Michelle) but not Thee 

Is a pattern developing? Previously I posted on this phenomenon of one standard for the Obamas, another for the rest of us. Here is another one: Michelle Obama's shopping in Paris.

In France, the vast majority of stores must remain closed on Sundays - an old law, for sure but nevertheless, a law. But when in Paris, when Parisians were barred from Sunday shopping, Michelle Obama wanted to spend time with her daughters, Sasha and Malia, at a very upscale boutique. Fine. I'll even grant that there may have been scheduling conflicts. But, the American Embassy in France made a call days in advance so Michelle and her daughters could shop privately, against the law on Sunday, June 8. Hmmmm?

Above (written 7/7/09 but not posted) incident is not as rare as one would think.

Update - Sunday, July 12 - again, Michelle Obama and her "OK for me but not for thee." It appears that during their trip to Russia, Michelle Obama was carrying a leather purse retailing for $5950 from Italian designer, VBH. But wait, "Not true," says the White House, "it was a patent leather imitation selling for only $875." Excuse me - $6000 or $875??? Just how many of us can afford either level of that kind of luxury? Royalty??? Can you imagine what the press would have done had Sarah Palin purchased a $6000 or even an $875 purse? Hypocrisy, thy name is mainstream western media.

How often are we going to see this pattern of "ok for me but not for thee?" So far, we only know about a few of these but are there more? Where is our press?

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