Friday, July 03, 2009

A happy Independence Day to you 

It's nice to be back in St. Cloud. I was expected to leave for another conference tomorrow overseas, and when I called to suggest I would not fly on the Fourth of July there was a momentary pause on the other side. "Oh, that's your Independence Day, isn't it?!?" Yes, and I'd like to have it with my family. (I'll have to skip fireworks, as I leave early Sunday.)

(UPDATE: Yes, this means NARN will be a replay tomorrow. However, if you really must hear me, David and Margaret will be live tomorrow and I'll check in with my monthly macroeconomic update, just after 10am.)

Let me second Janet's request that we fly the flag. Let's celebrate our heritage, and our families, and let's pray for the freedom that we celebrate that day extends to all men and women. I'm going to wear a flag pin while speaking overseas next week. Had I one with an Iranian flag and a green ribbon on it, I'd wear it instead. But an American flag will do, and it does well as long as we continue to recognize why oppressed people prefer to see our flag come over a hill than anyone else's.

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