Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today is the Anniversary of D-Day 

From a good friend - says it all:

Today is 06 Jun 2009, the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. A day which many of us have only read about in textbooks or seen news releases on television.
We hear personal testimonies and stories of which we an only imagine what took place on that day, which was a personal hell on earth for many within our fine military forces, and their families back home.
They gave all they had to give, and many gave their all.
There are yet but only a few of these brave men and women walking amongst us today, as many of their friends were killed in war or have passed on through the coarse of time.
If your path should cross that path of one of these veterans, or any veteran, please give them a hug of friendship and tell them thank-you for giving us the freedom which we yet enjoy today.
God Bless these Veterans, and God Bless America.........

It is the American soldier who keeps our press and the rest of our beliefs free. Thank you to all the families, heirs, and supporters of our military.

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