Friday, June 19, 2009

All I know about cars... 

... I learned at the MSRA's Back to the Fifties rally last year. �So I'm glad we're doing this again this year.

Memories will also be evoked by a special reunion broadcast 11-1 with Mitch, Ed and me. � Anything nostalgic will also have the possibility of a Lileks sighting, possibly around 2. �I'll take a break in the usual Headliners period finding food (without Michael, this will be easier) and be back at 3 trying to tell a Buick Phaeton from a VW Phaeton. �

All this happens at the State Fairgrounds, with our tent set up on Dan Patch near the Snelling entrance. �If you like cars, Americana, or just a nice day looking around the Fairgrounds, come on out and see us please! �If you cannot make it, start listening at 9am CT to AM 1280 the Patriot for the David Strom Show and then let NARN tell you all that you're missing.

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