Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Weekend Thoughts: Health Care, Notre Dame 

It's been a very hectic few weeks but things are finally settling down a bit. I thought I'd voice a few opinions on two issues of the day: Nationalized Health Treatment and Obama at Notre Dame. The only relationship between the two is Obama's confidence that he has all answers to all problems and can talk both sides of an issue in the same speech.

First, national health care. The leftist Democrats want us to be more like Europe, with its nationalized health care. It worked fine when their population was young and relatively homogeneous. No longer is it young and no longer is it homogeneous. The workforce is declining as are birthrates. So, how can it continue? Rationing? Yes.

The Democrats tell us they can provide a government run health system that will cut cost yet they ignore one of the key costs but our health care system: Lawsuits. IF the US were to go to a "loser pays" tort system on medical lawsuits (maybe all lawsuits for that matter), the cost of medical practice insurance would plummet. We would no longer need extraneous tests to protect doctors from being sued because they "didn't do everything to ____________, insurance rates would drop and given our ingenuity, medical services would improve, costs would decline - all without government intervention.

Can we go this route? Not with Democrats in power - one of their largest source of funds is from tort (ie sue them) attorneys.

The second issue is Obama at Notre Dame. I have to hand it to him and his cronies. Getting an honorary degree from Notre Dame, while supporting abortion and even die after surviving a botched abortion is a real coup. Then again, perhaps Notre Dame is not the Catholic institution I was raised to believe it was.

This article in the American Thinker is excellent. It describes how the Catholic universities have morphed left along with most of the public institutions. I wonder how many current attendees at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. know that their universities originally were religious institutions. I left the Catholic Church a long time ago but still respect its liturgy, basic beliefs, and strength when it functions as the institution it could be. It is a sad day when a US President who holds the social and theological view that Obama holds, is given the award he got Sunday.

Where is the backbone of any belief system that holds people accountable for their actions?

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