Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day 

To all our readers and families, Happy Mother's Day! It's a beautiful day to celebrate!

Mother's Day was begun in 1912 by Anne Jarvis who selected the second Sunday in May to honor individual mothers (hence the singular possessive "Mother's") and trademarked the phrase "Mother's Day". President Wilson began to include the day in official documents. If you go here , you can read some of the history of the special day which is celebrated at different times of the year in other countries. While there are feminists who would like to abolish the holiday, many of us know women, now deceased, who would be considered feminists for their achievements. We also know that it was our moms who at some point in our lives made that tough call, made us do something we didn't want to do (clean our rooms??? or more), and were there when everything was heading south.

They showed us that we do not need to do everything alone, that there would be someone there to help.

Thank you mom, grandma.