Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crossing a line 

Apparently the DFL made a mistake. �They sent all their spending bills piecemeal to the governor, for which he thanks them. �If they don't want to establish any new revenue he likes, fine.
Turning the heat up to a boil in the closing days of the legislative session, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty said today that he would use his powers of line-item veto and unallotment to balance a state budget facing a $4.6 billion deficit.

Pledging there would be no government shutdown or special legislative session, Pawlenty said that every bill sent to him by the DFL-controlled Legislature would be subject to his surgical veto pen, likely beginning with a massive Health and Human Services bill awaiting his signature.

"There is a key principle at stake here. You can't spend more than you have. The DFL-majority just did that," said Pawlenty, flanked by Republican legislators at a Capitol news conference. "In these economic times, the people of Minnesota want to see decisive action. We're going to take action to make sure this session ends on time with a balanced budget."
When the legislature sends an instant tax bill they know he would veto, and when they refuse a compromise offer, the DFL doesn't turn the heat up to a boil"; only when the Governor uses his Constitutional powers to balance a budget they won't does the water bubble: It's not just the balance sheet that's bankrupt at the STrib.

The Governor has been clear that there will be no tax increases, as repeated in his statement this afternoon. �When Speaker Kelliher calls Pawlenty "Governor Stand-Alone" she is wrong: �There are enough Republicans in the House to make the Governor's pledge stick. �The DFL has not only to find the three Republicans to flip, they still have Rep. Pelowski in their way. �If the Republicans thought Pawlenty was doing this just to burnish his presidential credentials, why would they show such solidarity?

They tried the lights-on gambit, but this lies on the ground in ashes now. �The DFL has been told its window of opportunity closes Sunday. �The ensuing panic will be fun to watch. �I wonder if the Patriot will let us have a live Sunday show?

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