Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Backwards budgeting 

Did not the DFL try this before?
State legislators planned to take final votes on five major budget bills today, covering everything from K-12 education to ethanol subsidies to flood protection.

But the bills won't settle the session. Pawlenty hasn't said whether he'll accept them. And there's still a budget hole lawmakers haven't figured out how to fill.
So we're going to send all the bills that require money to be spent and not the bill that identifies where that money comes from? I am teaching people this week about how to teach about family budgeting. I promise you, at no point do I teach "figure out your mortgage, savings, insurance, food, and entertainment expenses before you figure out your income.

They did this very same thing in 2007, which led to a special session. Pawlenty would not sign spending bills then without the source of funds identified. � The endgame ended up in favor of Pawlenty.

Stupidity is the DFL doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

Andy notes that the tax bill may not even reach an override vote. �Read the blow-by-blow from Gary for more.

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