Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama, Eye Contact, Truth???? 

As I've stated before, my husband and I do not watch television - pulled the plug about five years ago and frankly, life is much more pleasant. No more listening to hyper communication majors trying to out-hype their competitors with far too little common sense and far too much emotion.

Now, our POTUS is being fawned over as having "calm under pressure" (for an example, see this style article in the WaPo regarding last night's "First 100 Days" performance.) Yet, something is wrong.

This morning while at my fitness center, I watched all 12 minutes or so of Mr. Obama's performance on his takeover of the auto industry. Not once did Mr. Obama look the camera straight in the eye. Never did he talk directly to us, his American audience. The entire speech was given while Mr. Obama looked from side to side.

Why doesn't he talk to the camera directly, as did Presidents Reagan and Bush? Why is Obama afraid to look straight ahead? He has given enough speeches (written and printed for him) that fear of speaking is not an excuse.

My experience over decades of seminars, teaching, sales presentations, etc. have taught me that when experienced speakers do not look you in the eye, they either know that what they are saying is not kosher or they're hiding something.

Could it be that Mr. Obama knows that his actions are killing freedom?