Thursday, March 05, 2009

Union Worker Freedom or Thug Control? 

At noon today, Congressman John Kline held a blogger conference call to discuss the Democrat Party sponsored Orwellian-named bill, the "Employee Free Choice Act." To read the label, one would think that employees would be able to choose their place of work, their union, no union, etc. but in reality, this bill would remove the American right of a secret ballot for union elections.

How? Simply put, if 50% + 1 employees in a company sign a union card recognizing a union, that's it. What company would consider opening if union 'representatives' could go to employees' homes, and 'interest' them into signing something what would throw away their right to a secret ballot?No company. Secret union vote? No, over, fait accompli, etc. The employer is forced to recognize the union and can no longer allow workers to vote on a secret ballot as to whether or not they really want a union.

Congressman Kline, along with more than 107 co-sponsors, have introduced the "Secret Ballot Protection Act," a bill that would mandate secret ballot elections for employees.

It's simple folks: The American workers' right to a secret ballot will be gone, period. If the Orwellian named "Employee Free Choice Act" passes, Obama has promised to sign it - another payback, this time to his union backers. It becomes law. We will pay and pay while jobs will go away. This action by the whining Democrats will force so many jobs overseas, we may never get them back.

No Democrats have signed on with this bill but a few phone calls might change some minds. Call the Congressional switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask for offices of the following Representatives: Colin Peterson and Tim Walz of MN; Dan Boren of OK; Bobby Bright of AL.

Additoinal information here and here and latest summary, here.

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