Monday, March 16, 2009

Call It What It Is 

Anyone know which basketball team included Michael Jordan as a player? Kobe Bryant? Shaq O'Neal? What about schools where Tubby Smith coached? How about "Coach K?" Yep, most of us know the teams or schools associated with these people. Why? Because whenever their names were/are mentioned, the name was automatically linked with the sports team on which they played or coached. Any sportscaster mentioning Jordan said, "Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls."

What's my point?

The press likes to cover up when Dems makes mistakes, get in trouble with the law, go back on their word. The press will use the name of the politician but not identify the party. However, if a Republican messes up, the party label is always included.

This practice is unfair to the population in general because it hides bad behavior and often implies that only Republicans make errors. Therefore, my recommendation to all who write about politics is to include the name of the party of the person being discussed, either side. Our writing is for all people, not just the "insiders." It's time everyone knew who was making the mistakes or reneging on their word.