Monday, February 02, 2009

Podcast of the week 

While I was driving last weekend I had, as usual, my iPod with TownHall podcasts full playing away. The best hour I heard was Hugh Hewitt's interview with Jay Mathews of the Washington Post, whose column is the best writing on education in America. His new book, Work Hard Be Nice is going in the book pile this evening, and likely to get sorted ahead of many other books. The book details the history and success of the Knowledge is Power Program or KIPP. There's one in Minneapolis. As always there's the question of how do you scale this up to many schools (and, I'd argue, how do you adapt it to colleges like mine which are non-selective)? I'm looking at these five pillars and thinking a lot about that last question right now.

I'm thinking of making podcast of the week a regular feature. I probably listen to fifty or so, not all of which I subscribe to (beside Hugh, I listen regularly to Prager and Miller, Tom Keene's excellent economics podcast, and of course Russ Roberts. And Simmons for all the Celtics and Red Sox tawk.) Yes, the headphones are on more than you might think safe. Are you interested in this? What do you listen to?

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