Friday, February 27, 2009

Message from Representative Paul Kohls 

Yesterday, I received the following update from Representative Paul Kohls' office in St. Paul. He is one of the Republicans working against the Democrats who seem to think taking our money and leveraging our kids' for posterity is ok. It's not. He proposed a spending freeze that would limit MN spending to the amount of money taken collected. (Gee, what a novel concept!)

Not only have Democrats refused to use this sane, responsible approach but they, along with their 'big brothers' in Washington DC have refused to even let any debate occur on the floor of the legislature in St. Paul. I've lifted a few quotes from Rep. Kohls' email and cross-referenced his website here.
"On Monday, February 23, on the House Floor I tried to offer a resolution
that would have capped the expenditures of our state to the amount it
takes in.......
"When it came time for this resolution to be reported to the House for
its consideration the Democrats abruptly ended session. They did not
even let a discussion on this topic come to the House Floor......
"Our country, our state, and our legislature have a long standing
precedent of allowing all voices to be heard......
"That is why I will push to get back to Economics 101: Don�t spend more than you earn."

A government that claims to solve all problems, only creates more problems and freedom can die in the process.

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