Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Leftist Feminists, AWOL Again 

This report from an Australian newspaper is one of the most blatant examples of those who twist a belief system into a very, very sick and destructive force against its own society. Many in the west daily claim all religions are the same, all cultures are equal, etc. Meanwhile in another part of the world, one woman, claiming to be the "mother of the believers" organized rapes of Iraqi women. Rape in the Islamic world is more often than not blamed on the woman. Then she is made to feel so shamed in many of those societies that men, using the excuse of "honor," are permitted to murder them (including daughters, wives, sisters, etc.)

This woman not only recruited the unsuspecting women and arranged for their rapes, she then "mentally prepared them for martyrdom, turned them over to terrorists who supplied the explosives, then she took them to their target spot."

For those of you who insist that all cultures are equal, it's time to think again. Whether or not "mother" devised this scheme, she executed it and those who trained or brainwashed her are horrible examples of humanity gone very wrong. More here. Perhaps "martyrdom" isn't all it's cracked up to be. The horrific practice of intentionally raping women in order to get more "martyrs" (aka murderers) reveals once again the abysmal depths to which our enemy will sink.

If this had involved a right-wing paramilitary group from Idaho, the leftist/Democrat feminists would have been all over this. As it is, they, along with the mainstream media, are AWOL.