Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hollywood - FINALLY Someone Is Doing Right 

Andrew Breitbart, author and commentator, has started a blog to combat the one-sided, elite, anti-American views of so much of the Hollywood culture.

Big Hollywood, his blog, is being launched today. Big Hollywood is not a "celebrity" gabfest or fan gossip outpost. Its topics will consist of politics and culture, a site for those who believe something has gone drastically wrong in Hollywood. Its objective is to change the entertainment industry. Wow - who would have thought that maybe, just maybe, there's something very ill in the mindset of the Hollywood establishment?

Hollywood used to produce the best films ever, stateside. Their product gave people hope, told positive, uplifting stories. But the drift left by the power brokers has gotten worse over the past few decades. Today, American corporations, the FBI, the CIA and elected U.S. officials (usually conservatives) are the bad guys. Real bad guys, those who want all of us, including Hollywood elites eliminated, are ignored.

This last election showed how much the influence of pop culture has on the American electorate. For 37+ years our education system and social construct has made us the bad guys and raised kids (now adults) to believe that they are perfect yet America is bad; passiveness is good but military is bad, etc. This view is destroying the very essence of America, the spirit that made us who and what we are. The right has needed a place to combat this negative, distorted, pop-culture view of America.

Big Hollywood just may be the vehicle that unites Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians - a place with a recognizable name that will challenge the singular, leftist Hollywood meme and the way we look at the world and ourselves.

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