Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 

To All Our Readers,

Thank you for joining us this past year and we hope you will continue to visit us in 2009.

While we will have differences of opinion, we still live in the freest nation ever devised for man. Our nation affirms that each of us is equal, in a fundamental sense, to every other person. And we do seek, with all of our imperfections, justice as well.

We are extremely fortunate.

But our liberty -- and equality -- and justice -- are all fragile. They have been gained for us through the efforts of many, at great cost. They require eternal vigilance and sometimes great sacrifice, even today. We've had it so good for so long that some of us have lost perspective on the fragility of freedom, how it can just evaporate, albeit slowly.

Let us be grateful for what we have. Let us be alert to all the dangers we face. And let us, too, be willing to make the sacrifices and bear the burdens needed to preserve these blessings for ourselves and for those who will come after we are gone.

Happy New Year to All - may you be able to handle and enjoy whatever 2009 brings your way.