Friday, December 05, 2008

You lost me at 'Hello' 

Taranto would use this as a Metaphor Alert, I think, but it's even more tortured than that. From our state union president:
As expected, our state has not been spared from the current economic downturn. I believe the lyrics of the old theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show went something like �Love is all around�.You�re gonna make it after all�. Unfortunately, if Mary were dancing around that fountain today, it would be red ink and bankruptcy that would be all around her with onlookers standing in line in front of a �plasma services �operation.
Leave that stuff to Lileks.

The union's strategy for dealing with this is 1) create a task force; 2) monitor the situation; and 3) "attending fundraisers and political meetings this December and early January so that we can make the IFO�s positions known before they begin their difficult tasks." My union dues at work, bribing state officials. I think I'll go watch TVLand now.