Saturday, December 06, 2008

Phrase of the Day 

Today, the Republican Party of Minnesota (RPM) held its state central meeting in Bloomington. It was very well attended. Many speakers had their say: Chairman. Ron Carey; Deputy Chair, Dorothy Fleming; Secretary/Treasurer, Tony Sutton; Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann; Congressman-elect, Erik Paulsen; Governor, Tim Pawlenty; RNC Co-chairs, Brian Sullivan and Evie Axdahl.

Marty Seifert, Minority leader of the MN House also spoke - he covered what he wanted to do in this upcoming legislative session and used the best phrase to describe our Democrat groups: the "misery parade." Now, let's think about it - the leftist Democrats are always telling us what's wrong - never what works. Even their own plans are never good enough.

I'm no Pollyanna but being around doom and gloom all the time is downright unpleasant. Marty's description of these groups that will approach the legislature for more and more of our money to address their tales of woe is quite apt: they are the "MISERY PARADE."

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