Sunday, December 14, 2008

Democrats, the $$$$$$ Party 

For seven days I worked on the Dakota County recount. Someone with some big bucks footed the bill to provide food for at least 40 Democrat observers. Every day, boxes of Caribou coffee and bags of bagels and cream cheese arrived in time for breakfast. Lunch? A dozen or so pizzas, meat and cheese deli trays, Subway sandwiches, pop etc. (One day, the Republican team was provided lunch by the Republican National Committee.) I don�t mind that someone fed the Democrat count observers � not at all. What I do mind is the false meme that the Republican Party is the party of the rich � it�s not.

I asked one of the Dems, "Who's feeding you guys?" I thought maybe every Democrat volunteer was �pitching in� for the food. His response: �I think the Franken campaign is paying for it.� This is the Franken campaign partially financed by funds raised or provided by George Soros who not only now has his man in the White House, but wants them in the Senate and US House. Directly or indirectly the $$$ Dems were footing this food bill, a minimum of $400- $500 a day, seven days, for how many county counts? Literally $1000s a day.

Who�s the party of the rich? The Democrats, the party of the party of billionaires and multi-millionaires.