Saturday, November 01, 2008

On the Road with Norm Coleman 

US Senator Norm Coleman is continuing his visits across our great state. Last week he was travelling with Governor Pawlenty. Today, he met more voters in Congressional District 2 (CD 2) (where I am the Republican chair). At every location, Norm is greeted warmly and supported. He meets the people and talks one on one with as many as possible. Crowds are large and attendees arrive early. They enjoy the camaraderie and seeing a US Senator in a very informal, comfortable setting.

I've heard his basic speech a few times yet every talk includes a unique point or two. He brings in the local flavor where appropriate - the Mississippi River towns always hear of their past and role in the present and future. Specific businesses, vital to local economies, are mentioned and supported.

Today, he was traveling with MN's Congressman, John Kline, a 25 year Marine veteran. Norm's speech focused on respect and integrity - for ourselves as well as others. Both Norm and John have these traits in abundance. Unfortunately Norm's opponent, does not. Far too many Democrats show so little class but Franken's attacks on Norm's family have reached the point of disgust. Then again, what do we expect from a man whose "humor" debases women, Catholics, and other Christians? Frankly, not much.

Minnesotans support Senator Coleman's goals: the federal government should live within its budget; energy independence; affordable health insurance without the government running it; security for ourselves and our progeny; judges who support the US Constitution - the basis of all our freedoms.

Senator Coleman has solutions; works with others who have solutions; he has fixed problems and will continue to do so for us. He respects the WWII generation who fought for our freedom and he truly understands that we must keep the opportunities of freedom.

He is sincere, honest, open and real. He's simply got to win because there's not another like him.

From Monday's event in Farmington:

and the ubiquitous, solemn, serious DFL tracker.