Monday, October 20, 2008

Quote of the day, early edition 

Someone please name one Obama policy that any left-wing party in Europe would disagree with. If you can find any left-wing parties in Europe still in power, that is.

(Side note: a promo for Life on Mars, wherein someone from our decade gets the joyous experience of reliving the 70s, apparently to teach all of us how far we've come since then. And yet, how far we have left to go.)

Joshua Sharf. We should reprise Hugh's column on whether Obama is left of 1972 George McGovern. Based on card check, he's already left of 2008 McGovern.

And I don't need Life on Mars to remind me of the 1970s. �I still have a WIN button and the sweaters Carter thought I should wear while turning down my thermostats.

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