Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Message for McCain (and Coleman) 

We Americans need real bipartisan solutions, not the "I'll reach across the aisle" mantra (never uttered by Democrats) that too many Republicans say but too often is perceived and treated as weakness by Democrats. Senators McCain and Coleman, I believe if you change your verbiage, you can increase your odds.

"I remain willing to work with ANYONE who is willing to solve problems. But, bipartisanship does NOT mean ignoring the Democrats' bad actions and oppositions that are plainly wrong.
- When Democrats block solutions to our energy problems, they are wrong.
- When Democrats block investigation into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because their leaders, Democrat Senator Chris Dodd's, Democrat Representative Barney Frank's, and mostly other Democrats who blocked efforts to avoid the housing meltdown, they are wrong.
- When Democrats block supplying our troops with the necessary equipment, they are wrong.
- When Barack Obama used ACORN to push through loans to people who could never afford them, he was wrong.
- When the mainstream media gives Obama passes on his questionable associates and actions over the years, they are wrong.
- When Democrats tell us government has all the answers, they are wrong; the greatest growth in American wealth, across the board, came during periods of very little government interference.
"Americans will make the right decisions if they have the right information. Unfortunately, too many are uninformed because of an admitted biased press and Democrat candidates who work against the freest people in the world. They want control, period.

"Bipartisanship is not just doing what the Democrats' want, ways that too often penalize the very people they claim to help. Bipartisanship is finding ways for all Americans."

"We are Americans; we solve problems; we create; we design; we provide environmentally sound solutions that also promote the good of all. When you Democrats choose to work with us on these issues, we welcome you with open arms."