Monday, October 27, 2008

Make My Day (Week, Month) 

This news just broke my heart!! Code Pink, the leftist group comprised of so many of yesterday's feminists has been defeated. Their goal, to get the US Marines out of Berkeley, CA has failed. They have announced a "Going out of Business" sale - all furniture, etc. must be gone by this Thursday, October 30.

Just think about it, lefties - they're not donating anything to any other group; they're not redistributing their wealth; they're not sharing a darn thing - they're selling all. What about their anti-free trade beliefs? Oh, guess those don't count. What about distributing their wealth (equipment, etc.) to those less fortunate? Oh, guess that doesn't count.

Something is really wrong when those who preach redistribution, fail in their subsidized goals, then sell what they have to ...... make money! People, think twice before you vote for "the one" who will be more than willing to take what you earn and give to someone else.

HT - Michelle Malkin