Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I hope it happens tonight 

In tonight's debate look for John McCain to tie Barack Obama to liberal positions that are essential to elements of the Democratic nominee's coalition.

Chief among them is so-called "card check" legislation that passed the House in 2007 only to be bogged down in the Senate. The bill is the No. 1 priority of Mr. Obama's union supporters and would provide a way to bypass the requirement for secret-ballot elections to unionize a company. Instead, employees would be deemed to have selected a union when a majority of workers sign a card stating support for such a move -- often in the presence of union organizers.

Mr. McCain briefly raised card check in a previous debate with Mr. Obama, but he now has an iconic liberal he can cite as a prominent opponent of the idea. Former Sen. George McGovern calls secret ballots in union elections a "basic right." He has even agreed to appear in an ad sponsored by a pro-business group that is running in seven states holding Senate elections.

From today's Political Diary, by John Fund at the WSJ. McCain can tie this to Prop 49 in Colorado, a measure that would stop government from withholding money from a public employee's paycheck for a union to use to influence government via elections.

David Weigel points out this bill has been bought and paid for by the unions, and it is the expectation of Obama in return for $360 million or more spent by the unions on helping him and the Democrats. You want issues and not associations, Sen. McCain? Hector Sen. Obama on this issue.

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