Sunday, September 07, 2008

Respite from Politics - Early Winter? 

We live in a development where most of the outside maintenance is provided. Thus, we have time to do other activities. My ability to grow anything green has not been very successful. I tried for years in my previous homes - very little worked.

After moving here I decided to try a garden on the hill outside the back of our house. The soil is lousy but I've been working it (egg shells and coffee grounds do wonders!). I had no idea what it would take to succeed but I did know I wanted perennials - this way they would return every year and spread.

Now I have about 450 square feet of gorgeous blooms: lilies, iris, echinacea, many types of daisies, along with others whose names I don't recall. We thoroughly enjoy the color and variety of our garden. Quite often, beginning in May, I provide flowers for our small church. This year was different.

In 2007, I was still taking flowers to church in October. This year the flowers started blooming later and though very lush, they are ending their cycles earlier. Today is the last day I have anything to send to church. I suspect an early winter.