Thursday, September 18, 2008

Behold! I am trying socialism! Again! 

Our friends at ISAIAH are once again trying to inject religion in politics. But you never hear the media complain about this kind of injection.
We believe that it is time to create an agenda that truly responds to the challenges of our generation � global climate change, endemic racism, crumbling public infrastructure, schools failing to educate large portions of our children and increasing economic insecurity.

Our current politics are not sufficient to respond to these profound challenges. We must eliminate racial inequities in our state, chart a course for environmental renewal, revitalize our economy for the benefit of all, and transform our government and public institutions to enable a democracy fit for a challenging future.

Every generation must decide what legacy they will leave. We are making our decision.
Would you mind just leaving me alone?
To create our health and the health of our democracy, major societal change is necessary.

We will move our democracy and public institutions to:
Guess not.
  • Create Racial and Economic Equity with Reparation for Past Harms
  • Expand and Protect that Which Must Belong to All of Us
  • Pool our Collective Resources into Public Investments for the Common Good
  • Create Deep Democratic Participation in All Aspects of Our Common Lives
  • Ensure that �Citizenship� Extends to All Stakeholders in Our Democracy.
This breathtaking list calls for nothing less than the collectivization of the means of production and the end of a country's ability to define its own citizenry, its own borders.
We must also act to Transform Our Own Hearts:
  • We Must Know Who We Are
  • We Must Reckon With Our Past
  • We Must Know We Are Called
  • We Must Act As If We Believe It
We know who you are, you haven't reckoned with your own past, nobody called you, and I'm sure you believe you are doing the right thing. But ignorance of history is no excuse.
ISAIAH will pursue Racial and Economic Equity in:
  • Health and Health Care
  • Job Creation and Transportation Equity
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Education and Housing
  • Environmental Renewal
It is remarkable, I think, that from such lofty ideals ISAIAH ends up with an "issues agenda" that just happens to mimic the DFL. Do we think this is entirely coincidental? Hardly. These are, after all, the people who transformed their hearts with $6.6 billion of your money.

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