Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Union Card Check Doublespeak 

There is a move afoot by Democrat members of Congress, including The Ego-bama, to enact a law called the "Employee Free Choice Act." It sounds innocuous enough but typical of Orwellian doublespeak, the act would eliminate a union member's right to vote, via secret ballot, the current law. As soon as half (or one more) employee have been "persuaded" or intimidated or coerced into signing cards, all employees lose their right to a secret ballot vote.

Thus, I propose this 15 second commercial for Republicans. To be accompanied by solemn background music.

Question - As a union member, do you wish to keep the secret ballot provision for election of union leaders and decisions?

Worker (multiple workers) - "Of course." "Absolutely!" "Yes!" "No way do I want to give up that right!"

Announcer - To keep your free votes, options, choices, vote for _________ for senator. He/she supports every worker's right to a secret ballot.

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