Monday, August 11, 2008

No tipping! 

A note on campus email tells a sad story. Somebody (or -bodies) knocked over some potted plants on the south end of the campus, pulled out the flowers that were in them and scatter flora and soil around the walk that they sat near. The walk is near a child care center run by the university. "The 3-5 year old children of the Lindgren Child Care Center, who enjoy these pots daily as they go for campus walks, sat by one of the overturned pots and reflected on the destruction," the note told us.

OK, I know where you think I'm going, but I kind of think it's good to have kids realize there are jerks in the world. After having the children say they felt sad and the flowers were "happy", "pretty" and "smelled good", they were asked what they would say if they could talk to the perpetrator(s).
I will never say the word "dammit" without a smile from here on. Thanks to the people of Building and Grounds who were able to turn something crappy into something cute.

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