Friday, August 01, 2008

My wife the art critic 

Inspired by a new and rather odd piece of art made from exhaust pipes purchased with public monies at the soon-to-be-opened new St. Cloud city library, Mrs. S. writes about the nature of public art.

Rather than glorifying God, a party or a king, what was the inspiration behind the library sculpture? To glorify Division Street?

...Even in good times, spending $44,000 for a glorified garden trellis isn't a wise use of taxpayer money.

This fall, Minnesota voters will be asked to increase the state sales tax, in part so that about $60 million a year in tax dollars can go toward arts funding. Such money would have to be spent; the elected official could simply say "you voted for this, so there it is" � vines growing around exhaust pipes.

Mrs. S is a pianist; this isn't going to make her many friends in the arts community.