Sunday, August 10, 2008

Honor Murders and the Feminists 

Sunday's article by columnist Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe addresses a very sticky issue for the feminist leftists and the "we're all the same/equal" and "all cultures are alike" crowds. What is the topic? The totally unjustified murder of women by male members of the religion of peace, Islam.

For those of you who are unaware, there is a definite two-tier status within Islam, one perpetrated by far too many religious practitioners. Women are literally second class humans. In many Islamic societies women cannot go outside their homes without a male escort. Others, women cannot drive, go to school, practice any sort of independence. There was this report of a 19 year old Saudi woman who was gang-raped and SHE got 200 lashes plus a prison sentence. Why? They claim she was in a car with an unrelated man.

Too many Islamic men decide that when a woman violates their view of Islam, they have the right to murder women because it is the will of Allah (their god). This is the topic covered by Mr. Jacoby. What used to occur "over there" is now occurring "here." Our response should not be a "tolerance" of silence. Any true supporter of women's rights (feminists, pay attention!!!) needs to speak out to condemn this atrocious behavior in the strongest possible terms.

Political differences aside, all women ought to be able to join together in opposition to these barbaric attitudes and behaviors.