Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hillary's Pants Suit Brigade 

Many of the pundits are accusing McCain of a last minute bait and switch in his selection of AK's governor, Sarah Palin as his running mate. As this article from the Washington Post indicates, Sarah was one of many who were considered by McCain's closest advisers.

Perhaps Palin was selected because she is a she. However, given the maverick's penchant to do things "outside the box" I honestly believe it was Palin's guts and instinctive ability to do what is right that attracted her to McCain. His team had plenty of time to check out her ratings, her plusses and minuses. They did. She surpassed all contenders.

McCain had met her at a governor's conference and was impressed. She along with others were vetted over the last six or so months and the list was shortened. To the McCain vice president search team's credit, very little was leaked. The pundits wanted to be on the "inside" and would grasp at any straw to be the first to break the news. No go.

As for Hillary's pants suit brigade - most won't vote for Palin. This brigade is comprised of many older women who hold leftist/socialist views. It's the latter reason they like Mrs. Clinton, the proponent of letting the government take care of everyone.

Sarah will attract the soccer moms because she is one; she juggles the family schedule; she coaches; she chauffeurs. She will attract young women because they are beginning to realize that the feminists of the left are not what they are or want to be. While I'm all for women's education and equal opportunity, I am totally opposed to equal pay for different jobs - a goal of the leftist feminists.

I say, "go for it," Sarah - no guts, no glory. This will be a truly exciting election and it's looking better every day.