Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making Soldier Votes Count 

Our son is stationed with the US Army in Korea. One of his responsibilities is to make sure that the soldiers in his camp are able to vote. He contacted our Congressman, John Kline, and was directed to this website where soldiers stationed overseas can register to vote for any county in the USA. Please encourage your soldier to visit the site. I have gone through it and as the user who was given new applications to test because "if there's a glitch, Janet will find it" I can honestly say, this site is user friendly.

Our soldiers have had their votes denied in the past for a variety of reasons. There is enough time now to let your soldier know that they can get their ballots through this website.

Our son also reviewed it as well as other sites and has stated that in his opinion, this site is the best.

Thank your soldiers for their efforts and support.

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